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It’s a top 7 best REIT 2020 list to kick off your passive real estate investing with! While nothing beats direct real estate investing by purchasing an apartment complex or a house to rent out, nothing also beats not having to run out and repair something when it breaks in that real estate property either.

Not to mention finding (good) tenants and so on can be a huge challenge in 2020. If you don’t mind fixing things, finding contractors, and screening people to live in your rental properties and you have the capital to invest with, go for the purchase of your own property.

Let’s get you familiar with this term first before I go through the best REIT 2020 list. A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT for short, is a trading security that allows individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate.

Proportionally, you won’t make as much in a REIT as you would owning your own property, but a REIT does give you the opportunity to own real estate for passive income with the least amount of effort.

I avoid the time and capital trade-off from direct real estate investing and personally prefer to put my time into other things, not property management or capital expenditure.

That said, here are seven of my favorite REIT for 2020 regardless of what the economy is doing, like a recession in 2020 for example. These are all dividend paying REITs that are likely to perform well based on their strength and sectors.

Top 7 List of Best REIT 2020 for Investing

Realty Income – Symbol (O)

Realty Income Corporation, also called Realty Income, is a real estate company, which engages in generating dependable monthly cash dividends from a consistent and predictable level of cash flow from operations.

LTC Properties – Symbol (LTC)

LTC Properties, Inc., also called LTC Properties, is a real estate investment trust, which engages in managing seniors housing and health care properties. Its property portfolio includes skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and memory care facilities.

Iron Mountain – Symbol (IRON)

Iron Mountain, Inc. engages in the provision of storage and information management solutions. It operates through the following business segments: North American Records & Information Management Business, North American Data Management Business, Western European Business, Other International Business, Global Data Center Business and Corporate & Other Business.

Lamar Advertising – Symbol (LAMAR)

Lamar Advertising Co. engages in advertising services. The firm rent advertising space on billboards, buses, shelters, benches, logo plates, and in airport terminals.

Sun Communities – Symbol (SUI)

Sun Communities, Inc. provides real estate management services. The firm operates through the following segments: Real Property Operations and Home Sales and Rentals.

Public Storage – Symbol (PSA)

Public Storage is a Maryland real estate investment trust, which engages in acquiring, developing, owning, and operating self-storage facilities. It operates through following business segments: Self-storage Operations, Ancillary Operations, Investment in PS Business Parks, and Investment in Shurgard Europe.

Gladstone Land – Symbol (LAND)

Gladstone Land Corporation Common Stock, also called Gladstone Land, is an agricultural real estate investment trust, which engages in the business of owning and leasing farmland. It also includes farm-related facilities, such as cooling facilities, packinghouses, processing facilities, and various storage facilities.

Best REIT 2020 Top 10 List

There are more REITs you can get in and you may find that one best REIT 2020 purchase that yields a better dividend than others, but these 7 above should get you started as a passive income real estate investor.

The easiest way to start investing in this REIT list in 2020 is through Robinhood. You can get started here by setting up your Robinhood account.


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