Books For Modern Problems

Boomer's Digital Dilemma - 2020

Boomers Digital Dilemma

As the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964 continue to live longer, them and their children are facing unplanned problems of dwindling savings and even a return to the workforce for additional income.

Boomer’s Digital Dilemma offers solutions to help those in the Baby Boomer generation safely invest in the digital asset markets of cryptocurrency and the token economy.

The book will teach readers how to strike a balance of income and growth with an approach that helps reduce risk, all while taking advantage of the new revolution of technology and finance.

Caregiver Burnout Support - 2021

Caregiver Burnout Support

Being a Caregiver to someone is very hard and taxing on that person’s health and life. The Caregiver Burnout Support book is a how to strategy to find the energy and sanity to provide care to others without burning out.

Covering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Caregiver – Caregiver Burnout Support offers unique guidance to keep a Caregiver going, and even comfort the ones in the Caregiver’s own life that are affected when such a role is assumed by them.